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Because we pack our recipes with the best ingredients like fresh meat & fish, they're utterly irresistible.
More variety = happier cat. So why not spoil them with choice and choose from 14 delicious recipes.
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cat food,
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We’re Ella & Charlie, two fussy cats who were always stealing Edgard’s IRRESISTIBLE fresh meat kibbles.
Thankfully our owners got the hint and started making cat food too.

Delicious & nutritious

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Meaty goodness

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it's good for them

Fresh fish and meat is filled with lots of natural nutrients and antioxidants to keep cats looking and feeling their best.
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best selling recipes

Fresh free-run chicken with sage, valerian & cranberries

Fresh free-run chicken

Turkey & shrimp with turmeric, basil & cranberries

Turkey & shrimp

Beef & lamb with sage, nettle & blueberries

Beef & lamb


our fish isn't... fishy

Our fresh fish isn’t just full of natural nutrients and antioxidants, most of it is also MSC-approved.
That means it isn’t just good for your cat, it’s good for the oceans as well.

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Fresh free-run chicken & MSC whitefish with basil, dill & cranberries

Fresh free-run chicken & MSC whitefish

Organic chicken with sage & chamomile

Organic chicken

Organic beef & veal with basil & nettle

Organic beef & veal